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'Beach walks with my baby': Megan Gale, 44, and her daughter Rosie, two, wear matching leopard print swimsuits on holiday in Fiji

Shen is currently on holiday in Fiji with her fiancé Shaun Hampson and their two children.

And on Wednesday, Megan Gale looked every inch the model mother as she took a stroll down the beach with her two-year-old daughter Rosie.

The pair wore matching leopard print swimsuits as they soaked up the tropical sun.


The mother and daughter duo strolled hand-in-hand while walking across the golden sands of a spectacular beach.

Megan wore a leopard print one-piece with a cut out at the waist, while Rosie wore a similar patterned design with long sleeves.

The runway model captioned the snap: 'Beach walks with baby girl.'


Megan's Instagram followers gushed over the matching swimsuits, with many saying they made the perfect pair.

The brunette and her fiancé Shaun are enjoying a much-needed break with their kids as they head towards the end of a busy year.

Last week, Megan revealed that she often tries to 'recreate' some of her favourite family moments from previous getaways.



The 44-year-old explained that she likes to take identical photos on holiday because they serve as a poignant reminder of how they have grown as a family.

'I do love to do a bit of a photo re-creation. I have a few I like to do every time we are so lucky enough to go back to Vomo Island in Fuji,' she wrote on Instagram.

'I'm sure my babies (and Shaun) will tire of this as the years progress and I'll become that annoying mum that's trying to get everyone together to make it happen.'

Megan launched her modelling career in the late '90s, when she appeared in a series of raunchy commercials for Italian telecommunications company Omnitel.

Interestingly, she didn't achieve success in her home country until after becoming a household name in Europe.

She began dating Shaun, who is 13 years her junior, in early 2011. They announced their engagement in July 2017 and share two children: Rosie and son River, five.


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Megan Gale on motherhood, work and her relationship

Megan Gale has lived a life that most of us can only dream of. The home-grown model has walked down runways from Paris to Milan decked out in priceless couture, and has shared screen time with Hollywood heavyweights, such as Russell Crowe and Charlize Theron.

Yet, while the world looked on in envy, for the talented triple threat there was still something missing.

Despite seemingly having it all, she was in search of something with more substance…something more “meaningful.”

Stripping away the red carpets, the award shows and all the other trappings that come with life as an A-lister, Megan’s hiatus over the last few years has seen her go back-to-basics and this new way of looking at the world has clearly helped shape her list of priorities. Namely her family.

“I might be locked in peoples’ minds as a model or actress, but it has been years since I worked in film, three since I was in TV, and I haven’t modelled traditionally for ages. I’ve been missing for the last couple of years because I’ve been focusing on being a mum and my new business. It’s kind of like a rebirth, which is really exciting for me," she says.

The Perth-born beauty welcomed her first child with former-AFL player, Shaun Hampson, boy River - now five - in 2014 and the pair had daughter, Rosie May Dee, three years later.

In addition to providing inspiration for her new venture Mindful Life - lifestyle brand aimed at ‘helping people lead a more mindful and present life’ - it’s clear that the responsibility of child-rearing weighs heavily on both Megan and Shaun’s shoulders.

“It really does,” she says. “We’re very conscious of the humans that we’re bringing into the world and what kind of values we want them to have.

They say from zero to two is a particularly important time in that they’re absorbing all this information that shapes who they’ll be and their characteristics. "

Shaun, 31, retired last year due to a chronic ongoing back condition and Megan said it solidified their relationship "in a very unexpected way.”

When the pair first went public with their relationship in 2011, their 13-year age gap made headlines.

Since the initial media hoo-hah Megan says it “shifted when I became pregnant. However, it turns out that there’s a few advantages to having a younger partner when you’re launching an e-commerce business: unpaid IT support.

“It’s an online business and I’m not great with digital - computers, IT and the like - whereas he’s amazing!” she says. “I call him my IT support. He’s also very good with a spreadsheet and finances and has a good head for business too. So he’s supported me and helped out with things I don’t know how to do.”

Megan sports a gobstopping sparkler on her engagement finger but as yet there hasn’t been any firm talk of nuptials. Similarly with having more kids.

Already blessed with two healthy children, in an honest Instagram confession Megan says she has “mixed feelings” about their plans not to expand their brood.


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Megan Gale reveals the story behind THAT raunchy picture of her fiancé Shaun Hampson - as she launches her new 'mindfulness' blog

She may have put her modelling career on pause, but that doesn't mean Megan Gale is any less busy.

The 44-year-old revealed on Today Extra on Tuesday that her new blog, The Mindful Life, was launched to help overworked parents.

Megan had originally started the website to promote her organic products, but has since opened up a new section dedicated to mindfulness.

'I would like to say it is less of a blog, it's more a content hub that is more of a go-to guide with a central focus on mindfulness,' she explained.

'So we do touch on parenting from a mindful perceptive, but a lot of it is about being mindful of how you move your body, mindful of how you eat, mindful of how we approach business, relationships, everything.'

Megan added that the importance of mindfulness was instilled in her from a young age and she wanted to pass that knowledge on to other parents.

She said: 'I have learned to sink into it and let the dishes sit there and let things be messy and [not] feel like you've got to still be doing everything.'

Megan also spoke about the raunchy photo her partner, Shaun Hampson, had shared to Instagram last month, which showed him wearing nothing but a towel while reading Richard Wilkins' autobiography.

The photo was part of the Golden Towel Challenge, a bizarre social media movement in which ex-Survivor contestants 'challenge' each other to post a semi-nude photo.

'We wanted to have a bit of fun and he wanted to be doing something, so I was like, "Why don't you read this?"' she said.

Megan revealed the book was actually a gift from Richard himself, who had given it to her years ago after an event.

At the time, Shaun captioned his bizarre picture: 'I've had the privilege of working with the best of the best over my career and this towel was no exception.'


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The six simple items of clothing Megan Gale swears by

If you're anything like us, you'll no doubt be familiar with the feeling of pure joy that arises solely from putting on a fresh white shirt and jeans - and Megan Gale can definitely relate.
Yep, the renowned Aussie model is all for the simple things in life, and a big part of that stems from her wardrobe.
Being one of the country's most successful models, there's no denying the 44-year-old has a wardrobe enviable to us all, but stripping it all back, it turns out there are only a handful of things she swears by.
So of course, we made it our mission to find out exactly what they were.

To say that Megan keeps herself busy would be an understatement.
A mum to two adorable children, River, five and Rosie, two, the modelling pro has also just launched her own lifestyle brand, Mindful Life, which includes a number of baby products made from naturally-derived and safe ingredients.
Her website also includes a content hub of insights, where Megan shares anecdotes on finding balance while juggling career, motherhood... and what feels like a million other things.
With so much going on for the bubbly creative, it makes sense that when it comes to her wardrobe - yet another thing to think about in a very long list - Megan likes to keep things simple.

But simple or not, Gale's wardrobe is undeniably flawless. Her slew of chic threads are always on point, all while looking as effortless as anything.
Speaking to Now To Love, the actress opened up on how she does it - and it turns out there's a very straightforward method.
Six simple staples.
Yep, that's it. Just six basic items of clothing that every wardrobe needs and you'll be away laughing (and thriving), according to Megan.
So, without further ado, we dive into exactly what her swear-by pieces are. And if you don't have them already, you won't need much convincing...

1. A trench
In trench, we trust. Well, we do where Megan is concerned...
The model insists these puppies are a go-to when it comes to being practical, but chic.
Think London, think Burberry-vibes, think rain-proof glam. Once you've thrown a trench over your shoulders, you'll be ready to tackle the world (and any rogue rainfalls).

2. An LBD
Is there anything more classic than a humble little black dress? The OG fashion-maven Gabrielle Chanel swore by it, and so does Megan.
Perfect for basically any night out, a classic LBD will take you far. And you can easily mix and match it with your other wardrobe staples.
"You can throw the trench over it, anything!" Gale adds.

3. A suit

When it comes to fashion, there's nothing quite like a suit to give you a boost in confidence and assertiveness.
That's why having one in your wardrobe is key, Megan says.
"But it doesn't have to be too corporate," she adds.
"Just a really cool suit that you could wear for business but maybe if you were going somewhere for like a wedding or a function or something for across the board."

4. A closed point heel
Like a classic LBD, a basic pump heel will never go out of fashion.
Megan is case in point. Colour-wise, she reckons black or nude are both winners - you'll be wearing them for seasons on end.

5. Leather-look pants
Just a quick look at Megan's Instagram page will convince you of the need for a staple black leather pant, and rightly so, because as a big fan of them, Megan has nailed the style.
A statement in their own right, a pair of these gems will work all the versatile wonders in your day-to-day.
"You can dress them down with a sneaker and dress them up with a pair of boots," the model points out.
Don't think we need more convincing than that...

6. A crisp white shirt
The ultimate wardrobe staple, a crisp white shirt is your go-to for basically... anything.
Wear it for work with a tailored pant, on the weekend with your favourite denims or even over your bathers at the beach - with a white shirt in tow, one can conquer all.
And as Megan sums up, you can literally match your other staples with this winner.
"You could throw the trench over the shirt, throw on your heels and done - there's your wardrobe."

QUI il video dell'intervista.

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Model Megan Gale reveals how she keeps the spark alive with her former AFL star fiancé Shaun Hampson

She's the model mother-of-two who's engaged to former AFL star Shaun Hampson.

And on Sunday, Megan Gale revealed how she keeps the spark alive with her beau-of-eight-years.

'My partner Shaun and I make sure we don't leave it more than 3 or 4 weeks between date nights,' she said alongside a loved-up snap of the pair.


In the snap, posted to her lifestyle blog's Instagram, the 44-year-old stunner is seen smiling ear-to-ear while gazing into her Shaun's eyes.

At the time, Megan opted for a colourful cocktail, while Shaun kept it simple with a glass of beer.

Earlier this month, the pair opened up about the difficulties they faced when they first started dating in 2010.

Speaking to Who magazine, Megan said it was tough dealing with the public perception around her 12-year age gap with Sean, 31.

'It was being turned into something scandalous,' the supermodel said of her relationship with the former AFL player.

'I was being called a cougar, he was being called a toyboy,' she continued.

Megan began dating the former Richmond AFL footballer in late 2010.

Three years later she gave birth to their first son, River Alan Thomas.

In September 2017, the pair welcomed their second child, daughter Rosie May Dee.


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Megan Gale, 44, shares the secret behind her nine-year relationship with AFL star fiancé Shaun Hampson, 31, and reveals when they will tie the knot

Megan Gale, 44, and her AFL star fiancé Shaun Hampson, 31, will celebrate nine years of dating next month.

And the model revealed good communication and regular date nights to be the secret to keeping the spark alive, in The Daily Telegraph's Confidential on Sunday.

Megan also said the power couple will tie the knot in a small ceremony next year.


'Communication is absolutely key,' Megan told the publication.

The former Australia's Next Top Model judge added that the pair spend quality time together 'whenever possible'.

Megan said similar comments about communication during an appearance on Channel Seven's The Morning Show in May.

'I think communication is key for any relationship and we do that so well,' the brunette beauty told hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur.


'He's awesome, he's just the best dad and we parent really well together,' Megan added.

Megan and Shaun got engaged two years ago, and are proud parents to son River, five, and daughter Rosie, two.

The retired sports star competed on Australian Survivor earlier this year, and Megan told her Instagram followers in August that she really felt his absence at home.


'It really was like he vanished off the face of the earth,' she said online.

'He's not just my man, he's my best friend and we parent together so beautifully so to not have him around, and we really, really noticed his absence.

'That was the worst part about it, I hated it,' Megan added.



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Flying high! Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson jet out of Perth Airport with their two young children after spending Christmas with family

Following a whirlwind visit to Perth for Christmas, Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson were spotted flying back out with their two children, son River, five, and daughter Rosie, two, on Boxing Day.

The family-of-four was spotted arriving at Perth Airport on Thursday, believed to be flying back home to Melbourne, with a multi-tasking Megan, 44, pushing Rosie's pram with one hand and a suitcase along with the other.

Meanwhile Shaun, 31, appeared equally loaded up, pulling a suitcase with each hand, while a heavy-looking grey backpack sat on his back.


He also wore a brown leather carry-on luggage bag slung across his body, while keeping a watchful eye on River as they walked.

Despite the volume of luggage, it had been a relatively quick visit for the family, who only flew into Perth last Saturday.

And they stepped out in style for their airport outing, with Megan donning a pair of cropped cream-coloured wide-leg pants.



She also wore a white T-shirt with black lettering underneath a longline navy blue cardigan.

The stunning supermodel rounded out her chic ensemble with a pair of white espadrilles, while a large tan, grey and beige check handbag hung off one of her shoulders.

Appearing fresh-faced, Megan wore her long brown hair pulled back in a high ponytail, and donned a pair of sunglasses.




Meanwhile, Shaun stepped out in a pair of dark blue jeans, which he teamed with a plain black T-shirt, dark sunglasses and brown dress sneakers.

Taking to Instagram a day earlier, Megan revealed she and Shaun had spent part of Christmas Day rifling through rubbish after River accidentally threw out a Harry Potter badge.

'Yep, everyone's posting these beautiful, glamorous pics on Instagram showing their Christmas Day. What are we doing Shaunie?' she asked her partner of eight years.




'We are searching through the garbage!' said Shaun, while Megan added, 'Trying to find a Gryffindor badge.'

After urging her followers to 'wish us luck', Megan later revealed they had managed to locate the badge.

'The search paid off,' she said, with Shaun adding, 'So we can stop rummaging through the garbage on Christmas Day.'



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Incendi in Australia, l'appello di Megan Gale in esclusiva per noi

La modella e attrice australiana in un video messaggio in esclusiva per «Vanity Fair» invita tutti a fare qualcosa per «il mio bel Paese che come tutti tristemente sappiamo sta bruciando». L'elenco degli enti a cui donare


«Il mio bel Paese, l’Australia, come tutti tristemente sappiamo sta bruciando e io voglio fare il più possibile per aiutare». La modella e attrice Megan Gale scende in campo, e ha voluto condividere in esclusiva con noi questo appello. L’invito è quello di donare, di sostenere le aree colpite, lo si può fare in diversi modi: vigili del fuoco, organizzazioni umanitarie a sostegno delle comunità locali, chi si occupa della salvaguardia degli animali.

«Grazie da me e da tutti gli australiani», conclude Megan, che da settimane segnala sul suo profilo Instagram quanto sia grave la situazione nel Continente. Gli incendi hanno colpito da ottobre a oggi oltre 8 milioni di ettari di territorio tra il New South Wales, Victoria, Sud Australia e il Queensland: una superficie che è il doppio rispetto a quella degli incendi del 2019 in Siberia e in Amazzonia messi insieme. Il 2019 è stato in Australia l’anno più caldo e più secco mai registrato dal 1900 fino a oggi.

Qui l’elenco degli enti di beneficenza, suggeriti da Megan Gale, a cui potere fare una donazione:







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