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Ridateci Megan Gale!

Winning look! Megan Gale can't hide her delight as she makes a stunning appearance in chic navy blue dress at 2019 launch of Melbourne Cup

She's known for her savvy sense of style and modelling prowess.

So it's no surprise Megan Gale had all eyes on her as she attended the Melbourne Cup's 2019 tour launch on Tuesday at Flemington Racecourse.

The model, 43, looked sensational as she posed with the coveted cup while stunning in a chic navy blue dress and suede court heels.


Megan's elegant outfit choice boasted a high neck and cinched in at the waist to highlight her model figure.

Flashing a look at her catwalk-worthy pins, the dress came complete with a daring split at the front that was surrounded by stylish ruffled detailing.

Megan added a pair of black heels to her outfit and wore her dark locks up in an effortless style that teased out strands of hair at the front to frame her face.



She finished off her look for the launch with glamorous makeup and couldn't hide her delight as she posed with the coveted Melbourne Cup during the event.

Sporting black leather gloves, the beauty flashed a smile while lifting up the trophy in a playful display.

While the Melbourne Cup race day is scheduled for November later this year, stars gathered in Melbourne for the cup's tour destinations and prize money reveal.






Megan was joined at the event, held in association with Lexus, by Neighbours actress April Rose Pengilly and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here star Tim Robards.

April looked glamorous in a flattering white dress and tan lace-up heels and accessorised her look with pearl earrings.

She posed alongside Tim, who was clad in a two-piece navy suit and white shirt.




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Megan Gale’s candid marriage confession

Eight years into her relationship with AFL footballer Shaun Hampson, Megan Gale has spoken exclusively about their romance.

Megan Gale is about as far from what you would expect a supermodel to be like as is humanly possible.

She swears, laughs a lot, has a broad Aussie accent, eats pasta, and doesn’t drip in labels. Today she’s dressed down in a T-shirt and jeans and is wearing minimal make-up.

In short, Megan is the ultimate anti-diva.

So, it’s perhaps unsurprising that she made it her career signature to succeed against the odds, including when she first became a model back in the mid-90s during the height of the super-skinny Kate Moss era.

“When I started modelling many moons ago my ‘look’ wasn’t really the look of the moment,” she tells

“I was tall, athletic, and I really struggled to get work because of it. My agents weren’t like: ‘Oh you’re fat, you need to lose weight’, but there was very much a message of: ‘You could do really well if you just lost some weight’.

“It was a matter-a-fact kind of statement, but I didn’t want to go to those extreme measures to lose weight, and I naturally don’t drop weight that easily. But most importantly, I didn’t want to succumb to that pressure, even at that young age it was really important to me.”

Marching to the beat of her only drum has certainly worked so far. Over 25 years or so she’s graced catwalks around the world, has loaned her face to huge campaigns, including L’Oréal Paris, hosted hit TV show Project Runway Australia and has starred in big screen cinematic successes.

Today, 43-year-old Megan’s life is unrecognisable from her carefree modelling days.

She lives at home in Melbourne with her fiance, former AFL player Shaun Hampson, 31, and their two children River, 5, and Rosie, 2.

Shaun and Megan began dating in 2011, and when it comes to pinpointing the secret to their relationship success, the brunette stunner is pretty sure of the main ingredient.

“Communication,” she says, simply. “It’s important in any relationship, but especially a romantic one. If you don’t communicate clearly, properly and with transparency … it can be really hard. It’s hard to both be good communicators and to communicate in the same way.

“Some people communicate by yelling and screaming and overreacting, while some people’s way of communicating is not talking about their emotions. We’re very direct, and we’re very calm when we communicate.”

Having been together for two years shy of a decade, Megan is a realist when it comes to relationship ups and downs; she knows that not every day will be rainbows and sunshine.

“Of course, we have bad days,” she admits. “But we’ll sit and usually resolve it pretty quickly. We never stay upset with each other for long, and we never go to bed on an argument — ever!

“I’m a big believer that you never go to bed angry or leave a house angry. You communicate and just sort stuff out with the people that matter the most. Don’t let things simmer because you never know what will happen the next day.”

Thankfully, Megan says she and Shaun are generally on the same page when it comes to parenting their adorable kids.

“Luckily, Shaun and I are like-minded with our views on how we parent,” she says. “I’ve had girlfriends who have said that their husband views it one way, whereas they view it another, so who teaches the child what? I think when you don’t share the same views as parents it can be really tricky.”

Shaun retired last year, and though he was already a hands-on dad, leaving the game couldn’t have been more timely given the launch of Megan’s new business, lifestyle brand Mindful Life — an ethically sourced, natural skincare range for children.

“It was amazing timing,” she says. “Because I had a concern about who would be there for the kids. It’s very demanding being an AFL footballer — their schedules are crazy — so when he retired, he did the lion’s share of school drop-offs while I was doing this, so it worked out really well.

“Shaun put everything into his football career from a teenager, so it was nice for him to have time to slow it down. He did miss out at the beginning when the kids were born, so he’s making up for that now. I already appreciate him and everything that he was in a partner and a dad, but him stepping up into the primary carer role has just taken it to a whole new level.”

While Megan is very aware there’s an A to Z of celebs launching skincare lines, she has spent real time considering the ethos behind the range.

“It’s not about what the products are, it’s about what they represent,” she says. “They’re symbolic of a time of the day when we as parents often try to rush through that feed, bath and bed routine. It’s the end of the day, and often you want to get on the wines, chill and just watch Game of Thrones.

“And I get that, I’ve been there. But often we burn through what we consider to be a chore without actually stopping every now and then to realise that we’re missing it all.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow and yesterday is gone, so stop and be aware of the now, especially when you have kids involved.”

No stranger to being open with the lows, as well as the highs, Megan revealed in 2016 she had suffered a miscarriage at nine weeks. What’s even worse is she had to fly to Italy to shoot for Australia’s Next Top Model mere days later.

“Miscarriage is a heartbreaking experience to go through full stop,” she says. “But I had to go in front of TV cameras and pretend that everything was fine. It was extremely hard.”

Making the decision to talk publicly about her experience and to shed some light on an issue that is “taboo and often swept under the carpet” is just one example of Megan using her position as a platform for positive change.

But she admits fame is a double-edged sword, and the belief that, as a celebrity, she’s public property is a tough one for the mum-of-two to swallow.

“After I had my miscarriage I had someone ask me about having baby number two,” she says. “I wanted to say: ‘Well, I have tried and I’ve just had a miscarriage’. I didn’t, but I wanted to. Their question made me think even more about the fact that I’d just lost a baby. It’s like: ‘You signed up for it, so we can do and ask what we want’,” she says, shaking her head.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I was asked about when I’d have kids. Then I had River, and I’d be asked when I was going to have another Even now I’m asked about baby number three. How do you know I haven’t been trying? I haven’t. But I could have been.”

Despite her model background, where looks and youth are the standard currency, at 43 Megan isn’t fazed by the passing years. In fact, just like a fine wine, life for the entrepreneur just keeps getting better the older she gets.

“At the height of my time with David Jones I was in my late-20s, early 30s,” she recalls. “That’s ‘old’ for a model. Same with acting, I was launching my career at a much older age than usual. And I was 35 or so when I signed on with L’Oréal . Again, to be signed to represent a beauty brand in your mid-30s was almost unheard of. I’ve never been worried about getting older because the older I get, the more work I seem to have!”

Case in point: The rave reviews she received for Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015. “I did! Imagine that. I mean, no pressure, just stand opposite Oscar-winner Charlize Theron and act!” she says, chuckling. But given that Mindful Life is steadily becoming all-consuming, does this mean the door is now shut on Megan’s thespian aspirations?

“No, I don’t like closing doors,” she says. “I’ve always left doors open, so it’s ‘ajar’. Funnily enough, I was talking with my theatrical agent yesterday because they had just heard I launched my business and were asking if I was ready yet. I said: ‘Yeah, let’s start to talk’.”

Looking to the future our chat turns towards wedding plans. I can’t miss the sparkling gobstopper of an engagement ring on her finger (Shaun proposed two years ago while Megan was pregnant with Rosie), but as yet there hasn’t been any talk of nuptials. So what’s the deal?

“Nothing’s happened yet!” she says, waving the ring at me. “At the risk of sounding totally unromantic, I’ve never been that kind of girl who has dreamt about her big day and her dress and special moment. No, it never felt very ‘me’.

“I still don’t want that big cast of thousands, bells and whistles and carry-on kind of wedding. But I do want to have his name, though professionally I think I’ll continue to use my name. I want us to unite as a family in the traditional sense. However, right now it’s just another big thing to do.”

With fans waiting with bated breath for any wedding news, they’re similarly curious about the prospect of the pair adding another bub to their brood. And while she hasn’t ruled out having another baby, it’s unlikely given her current workload, namely her “third baby”, Mindful Life.

Either way, it’s clear Megan is in a good place.

“Am I the happiest I’ve ever been? I would say so. I thought I was very happy before kids, then I became a mum and saw the joy that they bring … that has definitely ramped things up. I can’t imagine my life without them now.”

The debut product range from Megan’s Mindful Life, Mindful Life Child, is available now. See


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Megan Gale Shares The Best Advice Her Mum Ever Gave Her

She’s the top Australian model turned mogul and mum; here, Megan Gale pays tribute to the women who have shaped and inspired her…

My mum is an extremely resilient woman. She has an amazing ability to remain calm and centred even in situations that are totally beyond that. Basically, she’s got her ****** together and I observed that from a very young age – I wish I was like that! Three months after my baby was born, we lost my dad. My son [River] was a wonderful comfort and healing energy for my mum, and I’ve learnt a lot from watching her with my children, and from Shaun’s [Gale’s partner] mum as well. The best advice Mum’s ever given me is to let go of things and not hang on to anything negative, and to try to appreciate life and be present. She’s always reminding me how fast time goes by and how important it is to stop and connect with your kids when they are young. Her philosophy of mindfulness actually inspired my new children’s [skincare] brand Mindful Life (available now at Mum recently moved from Perth to Melbourne. For so much of my 20s and 30s I was living interstate or overseas and I missed sharing my life with her, so to have her nearby now is special.

I remember seeing Elle on a Sports Illustrated TV special when I was 15 and thinking, “Oh my God, she’s amazing, and she’s Australian!” and, “Oh my God, that’s her job!” She was getting photographed on a beach in The Bahamas. The next year I started deportment classes because it was a thing at the time – a lot of girls at school were doing it – though I didn’t have any aspirations to become a model. But then I was approached after the graduation and thought, “Well, maybe I can be like Elle Macpherson on a beach on the other side of the world one day!” I looked to Elle for inspiration as she was one of the first models to transition from a one-dimensional clothes horse to a businesswoman. She was smart about developing her own brand and creating that as a business, as opposed to being booked to promote other people’s brands. I kept watching her as I was developing my own career, hoping that one day I could make that transition as well. You’re always told modelling has a shelf life and that you’ll expire one day, and I think she managed the evolution brilliantly.

I had the insane pleasure of acting opposite Charlize [in Mad Max: Fury Road], which is exactly as intimidating an experience as you can imagine – she’s an Oscar winner for crying out loud! You hear actors call other actors generous, and now I know what that means: it means she gave me so much to work with. It made what I did as an actor very easy because I could bounce off her and react. She just delved into that character and took me along for the ride. But beyond her acting, I find Charlize particularly inspiring because she started out as a model. Typically, people rate models as horrific actors, but she took herself off to Hollywood where she acted her butt off and smashed stereotypes. She’s also very open about what happened to her as a child [her mother killed her abusive father in self-defence] and it takes a lot of courage and balls to stand up and speak out about that. She's quite fearless and I love women like that.

This story appears in the August 2019 issue of marie claire, out now.


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'I did have a contract that stated that I had to be back to my pre-pregnancy shape': Megan Gale reveals she was given just six months to lose all of her baby weight after giving birth in 2014


Megan Gale has revealed she was given just six months to lose weight after welcoming her son River in 2014.

Speaking to podcast Tales From the Fourth Trimester on Sunday, the 43-year-old supermodel revealed an unnamed company she was working for at the time stipulated she return to her pre-baby body.

'I did have a contract that was in play that stated that I had to be back to my pre-pregnancy shape,' she said, adding they gave her six months off to achieve this.

Although she went along with it at the time, she said the conditions of her contract angered her, and she was unable to achieve her 'pre-pregnancy shape'.

'I wasn't the same weight, but to me I kind of thought, 'You know what? If you are going to tear up my contract because I am not…

'I will make sure everyone knows about it and we will see how that goes, because I knew that would be absolutely frowned upon and I knew women everywhere would be in an uproar,' she continued.

Megan called the clause 'ludicrous' and said she was willing to go public if the company pushed her on it.

'I decided not to pick my battle at the time, but I thought if… people say, 'Why aren't you with such and such client anymore?' I would say, 'Well, because they sacked me because of this,'' she added.

The model welcomed her second child, daughter Rosie, in September 2017, with her partner of eight years, footballer Shaun Hampson, 31.

In February 2015, she spoke to Daily Mail Australia about regaining her post-baby body, nine months after giving birth to River.

'I don't feel like I'm back to the way I was,' she told Daily Mail at the time.

She said she was more concerned with taking care of River than losing any weight she gained during her pregnancy.

'To be honest, I haven't really had much time to focus on it. My priority has been more about looking after him,' she added.


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'He was away filming Survivor': Megan Gale reveals she delayed their son River's birthday party so she and husband Shaun Hampson could celebrate it together she picks up a Harry Potter-themed cake for the five-year-old

Shaun Hampson's fiancée Megan Gale has revealed she delayed their son River's birthday party.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, the 44-year-old model explained that Shaun was filming Survivor Australia when River turned five on May 13.

Megan posted a photo of herself with a Harry Potter themed birthday cake complete with a Golden Snitch and Deathly Hallows symbol.


'Shaun Hampson was away filming Survivor Australia when it was Riv's 5th Birthday so we postponed the party until we could all celebrate together,' Megan captioned the picture.

The model posted another photo of herself handing River his cake on her stories.

'Looking at his cake like he doesn't trust it. I popped a real Elder Wand on top as a final touch,' Megan captioned the image.


In another photo River appears to have blown his candles out and is sitting with his father Shaun.

It seems the former AFL player has grown a long beard and mop of hair during his time filming Australian Survivor.

On Wednesday, the reality star, 31, posted a tribute to his bride-to-be on her 44th birthday while sharing a gallery of sweet family photos.


'Happy Birthday to this incredible woman. The best mum and person I know. Tough and resilient but funny as hell and gentle,' he wrote on Instagram.

In the gallery of photos is a snap of the couple at a red carpet event, where they can be seen gazing into into each other's eyes.

He recently revealed that he and fiancée Megan Gale will likely get married next year.



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'The more makeup I wear, the older I look': Megan Gale, 43, reveals her the age-defying beauty secrets behind her youthful visage... after denying she's ever had cosmetic injectables

The Australian supermodel is known and praised for her age-defying complexion.

And on Sunday, Megan Gale shared some of her best-kept beauty and workout secrets behind her youthful visage and enviable frame.

Speaking to Body and Soul, the 43-year-old brunette beauty revealed that she wears minimum makeup and doesn't 'put too much pressure on my body' with exercise.


'Beauty doesn't have to be that overwhelming - less is well and truly more in my book,' she told the publication.

'As I've gotten older, I think that the more makeup I wear, the older it makes my skin look, so I keep everything I put on to a bare minimum,' she explained.

Megan revealed that she completes exercises which are bearable and don't make her body feel sore.


She said she enjoys cycling, spin, yoga and power walking, and if she partakes in running it will often be at a slower pace with intervals.

Megan said she's rather pack her fitness schedule with things she enjoys and don't put pressure on her body on joints to perform.

The mother also said that she takes supplement and probiotics to support her health and overall wellbeing.


Last year, the mother-of-two revealed that she's never had any 'injectables' and her youthful skin is purely down to eating well, staying hydrated and avoiding cigarettes.

Taking to Instagram, Meghan wrote: 'I often get "accused'' of it (smiley lol) I think people assume I can't be 43 and look the way I do without it, but I've no reason to fib.'

'I'm not a smoker, don't do drugs and don't drink regularly. These things age you horribly,' she continued.

'I eat well and drink heaps of water. I get dermasweeps, deep heat treatments (LED/thermage) regular deep cleanses and my Mama gave me some nice skin.'



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Megan Gale opens up about motherhood and the bittersweet birth of her son

The former model reveals how loss has taught her to live her most meaningful life.

While she's walked down runways from Paris to Milan decked out in priceless couture, and has shared big screen time with Hollywood stars such as Russell Crowe and Charlize Theron, it was becoming a mum that prompted Megan Gale to transform the way she lives her life.
"The nature of my old job was deadlines," the 44-year-old tells Good Health. "You know, 'quick, we need to get the shot because the light goes!', 'quick, change your outfit and get back on the catwalk!'."

"It was 'go, go, go' all the time. I became programmed and conditioned to think that it was normal. That would then drip-feed into my private life, so even when I wasn't working, I'd be racing around. I'd only stop when I was burnt out.
"Becoming a mum has changed it all. It's made me slow down and re-prioritise what's important. Things I used to get upset about, I don't get upset about any more. Your kids are so special and so precious, you don't want to waste time worrying about things that don't matter, or worrying about things that you have no control over."

Precious moments
Of course, motherhood changes most women, but in Megan's case giving birth to son River, now five, and daughter Rosie, almost two, has also resulted in a brand-new career.
Launched in May this year, Mindful Life is Megan's new passion project – a lifestyle brand that aims 'to help people lead a more mindful and present life'. It's a revelation she herself discovered after the birth of her first child.
"I had other parents coming up to me when I was with my newborn son, saying 'What a precious time; you should savour it'. Telling me they wished they could go back and relive time with their kids. It started to resonate with me.
"I didn't want to regret rushing through it all – the mealtimes, the bathing, the getting ready for bed – because, like it or not, they're going to grow up."

So, one of the first products released under her brand was a skincare range for kids that's free from chemical nasties.
"I think of these products as tools for parents to connect with their kids," she says. "Rather than rushing through the bath routine, let them splash around as you play games with them. Afterwards, give them a little massage while you read their bedtime story. There is just so much power in being present for these moments."

So natural
Megan is the first to admit this epiphany about the value of being present hit her later in life. But the impact it's had on her own life is so great that it's a message she wants to share.
She concedes that, before launching Mindful Life, health and wellness was unfamiliar territory for her, but adds, "It's an area I've always been drawn to. I like how it's evolved into this very naturally. It just came through being pregnant, rather than being inspired by trends, or another celebrity."
Of course the long-term success of any business is never a given, but there are two things she knows for sure: "I feel like a) I've worked the hardest I've worked on anything and b) it's the most authentic thing I've put my name to."

Authenticity is something Megan prizes. When we catch up, she's dressed in a loose T-shirt with minimal makeup. We relax on a sofa, and our conversation is punctuated with jokes and plenty of side-tracking. A big part of Megan's relatability is this down-to-earth nature, alongside the simple fact her own life has been far from zen-filled – becoming an entrepreneur included.
"Doing this has been the most challenging thing I've done," she says.
"It wasn't a case of me partnering with someone to get financial backing – this is all me, my money, and I'm the team. It's certainly not all unicorns and fairy floss!"

A hard goodbye
Speaking of trying times, our chat turns towards the bittersweet birth of her first child, River, in 2014.
His arrival was preceded by the death of Megan's partner Shaun Hampson's father, by a month, then followed by the passing of her own father 14 weeks later.
"We had a lot of death and mourning, but at the same time new life," she says.
"Shaun's dad had prostate cancer, mine had lung cancer. Having a baby in the family is such a joyous time, but Shaun's mum was mourning, and my mum was caring for my dad, who was quickly deteriorating. I couldn't be there for my mum and dad back in Perth as I obviously couldn't fly after a certain point, then I had a newborn to take care of. I was in Melbourne just before he passed away and I was really worried about getting to see him in time, so I wrote a five-page letter telling him things I'd never told him, reflecting on some moments and memories, and letting him know what was important for me about our relationship. I sent it off and he phoned me and thanked me for it.
"Later on, I had a feeling I had to get back to Perth, so I jumped on a plane and by the time I arrived he'd already been put on morphine. Within 48 hours, he had passed away. I knew instinctively I had to go and see him. It made me thankful he hadn't just been taken in an instant – and we had a chance to say goodbye."

Prioritising health
It was another wake-up call for Megan about the fleeting nature of life. It helped her press 'pause' and appreciate what's truly important.
"I really believe in the saying 'health is wealth'. Because if we don't have our health and aren't thriving, then we can't be the best mum, partner, daughter, businessperson, or whatever. I don't think we stop enough these days to connect with other people, and to connect with ourselves."
Megan certainly walks the walk. Admitting she doesn't have as much time for exercise as she did pre-babies, she still fits in a workout when she can, though she's had to adapt her regime slightly.
"Every woman is different, but after I had both of my kids, my flexibility changed. My lower back is now shot, so I have to be mindful about that and how I move my body. It's just different afterwards; your bones move, your body goes through this amazing transformation. It doesn't necessarily go back to what it was."

One constant has been yoga. Megan has consistently practised for seven years, only stepping away from it during both her second trimesters, but hitting the mat again after giving birth.
"I absolutely love yoga. It's great for my mind, my body, my emotional state… just on every level. I go twice each week in Melbourne, one Vinyasa flow style class, one Yin. Pilates was something I loved, but I haven't had time to get back into it. I also used to love to run, but now I find it jarring on my body."

10-minute workout
Of course, having an elite athlete as a partner doesn't hurt either in the fitness stakes.
Her fiancé of eight years, former AFL player Shaun, is often on hand to provide expertise for at-home workouts.
"I could never go for a run or do weights with him; he's too fast and too strong. But he came up with a great cycle routine which is just 10 minutes. You warm up for two minutes, then you cycle for 30 seconds like the devil is chasing you, then bring it back for two minutes, then pedal madly for 30 seconds, repeating it four times all up. You burn a lot of fat and toxins in your body and maximise your aerobic energy. We do that together sometimes on the spin bikes we have in our little home gym set-up."

It's a similar story with her diet: healthy foods, but with a dollop of moderation.
"I'll have a burger and I have a bit of a sweet tooth too, but it's all about balance. I rarely drink, but occasionally I'll go out for a few cocktails, or have a glass of red.
"At home, meal times are organised chaos. As parents, we're very much about routine. We're eating by five, then it's baths and bedtime. By seven or eight they're asleep. Shaun and I will work for a bit, then by nine we might put the 'tools down' and hang out on the sofa watching Netflix together."

Recipe for calm
As well as mindfulness, there's another ritual in Megan's wellbeing arsenal that she's keen to impart.
"I think rituals are important for all of us," she says. "We're all busy, but everyone can steal five minutes."
"I do deep belly breathing every night when I'm in bed ready to go to sleep. I take a breath and count from one to 10, and with each breath I think of something I'm grateful for. It could be beautiful weather that day, my kids being healthy, that I have a roof over my head… whatever comes to mind. Often I don't even get to 10 because I'll have already fallen asleep. It's a beautiful way to go to sleep, and is a nice acknowledgement of life, and thinking about what I have, rather than what I don't. It puts things into perspective."

This is a philosophy Megan also embraces when it comes to getting older. Given the fact she's earned a living from her looks for years, you might expect it would be harder for her to accept than for the rest of us.
"Nah, it doesn't faze me at all," she says. "I'm not embarrassed about it, nor do I want to hide it or change it. I'm proud of where I'm at in life and what I've achieved in that time. My 20s and 30s were great. My 40s too, because I got to become a parent, and now that I'm in this health and wellness space I can talk with more authority because I have these years of experience."
Clearly Megan's fourth decade is the culmination of her hard work over the past 25 or so years. However, rather than racing ahead with overly ambitious plans, she's heeding the burnout lessons from her youth, and is instead taking things slowly – and mindfully.
"Pardon the pun, but I'm taking baby steps," she smiles. "I don't want to get too ahead of myself."

The same goes for her personal life. Since Shaun popped the question, Megan has been plagued with questions about nuptials.
"It is something we'll get round to," she says. "We have so much on. Also, I want my kids to be part of it. I want them both to remember the day, rather than looking at photos years down the line with no recollection. But yes, I do want to get married and to be a family in that traditional sense."
Ultimately though, Megan has a bigger viewpoint. Regardless of whether she's faced with challenging times, or just trying to get through the day-to-day, she has a mantra that helps.
"I try to take the 'glass half full' view," she says. "Losing my dad was awful, but I was thinking that thank god I at least got to share the last month with him; thank god I could be there at his bedside before he passed; thank god he got to hold his grandson. I could have been angry, resentful and upset about my dad having cancer, but what could I do? It had happened. Instead, I focused on the fact that at least I've got my mum, my brother, Shaun, my son…
"I know it's hard in times of despair to be positive, but I think trying to find some strength within to look at what you do have, rather than what you don't or what you've lost, is so important. If you can do that in tough times like that, then it's so much easier to find happiness every day."


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Twinning! Megan Gale and her adorable daughter Rosie, two, wear matching Leopard-print swimsuits on a luxury holiday in Fiji

She's the model who is enjoying a Fijian getaway with her fiancé Shaun Hampson and their two young children.

And on Thursday, Megan Gale, 44, shared an adorable photo of herself with her two-year-old daughter Rosie relaxing on Vomo Island beach.

Taking to Instagram, the model shared the mother-daughter snap with matching animal-print swimwear, captioned: 'Mornings at the beach with my little leopard cub.'


She beamed as she sat beside her daughter, both wearing leopard swimsuits, albeit with slightly different prints.

Although Megan's swimwear appeared to be a two-piece bikini, it was actually a one-piece swimsuit with a cut-out side detail.


Megan wore the Veneto Scarf swimsuit from Zimmerman, which retails for $275.

Moments later, the model took to her Instagram story to share a snap of young Rosie wandering the beach.

'I don't trust her... I suspect she's about to go look for an immunity idol,' Megan jokingly captioned the post, referring to her husband Shaun's recent Survivor stint.



Megan, 31-year-old Shaun, Rosie and five-year-old River have been enjoying their Fijian getaway since September 2.

The 44-year-old model shared a photo of the family holding hands walking down the beach at sunset.

'Yes, I dragged him (Shaun) to Fiji after he'd spent 8 weeks there two months earlier,' Megan captioned the post, referring to Shaun's stint on Survivor, which was also filmed in Fiji.



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Wild thing! Megan Gale, 44, flaunts her incredible physique in a leopard print bikini as she soaks up the sun on holiday in Fiji

She is one of Australia's most successful models and brand ambassadors.

And Megan Gale flaunted her incredible physique on holiday in Fiji.

In a photo shared to Instagram, the 44-year-old showcased her figure in a leopard print bikini while soaking up the sun on Vomo Island.


The glamorous mother-of-two perched on a large, fallen branch while gazing out towards the ocean.

She wore designer sunglasses and a Veneto Scarf swimsuit from Zimmerman, which retails for $275.

'Paradise found,' she captioned the envy-inducing holiday snap.


Megan has been in a Fiji since September 2, and has been documenting her trip via regular Instagram posts.

On Thursday, Megan shared an adorable photo of herself and her two-year-old daughter Rosie relaxing on the beach.

'Mornings at the beach with my little leopard cub,' she wrote in the caption, referencing their matching swimwear.

'I swear we didn't call each other first to make sure we matched on holiday.'



Later that day, Megan took to her Instagram Story to share a snap of young Rosie exploring the beach.

She also posted another photo of the family, including fiancé Shaun Hampson and son River, holding hands while walking down the beach at sunset.

'Yes, I dragged him to Fiji after he'd spent eight weeks there two months earlier,' Megan captioned the post, referring to Shaun's recent appearance on Survivor.



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