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Abbonamento for a foreigner with non-Italian-issued credit card

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I will be staying in Italy for next couple of years and I need a regular mobile plan. However, my application doesn't go through, neither via internet nor in Vodafone store becuase as it seems foreign cards not issued by Italian banks are blocked intentionally. Of course I don't have a chance to get Italian credit card. I used to live here for few years in the past and back then I had a plan with Vodafone and I was using my foreign credit card. The staff in the store managed somehow to overcome this limitation back then and afterwards the payments went well. But now I can't find anyone who would know or willing to take the effort to solve this somehow. Does anybody know how to overcome this limitation? For the record I do have a codice fiscale. Vodafone even still has my data in their database, yet they are unable to help me.




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Not sure I fully understand the issue, but you should at the very least be able get a foreigner vodafone account, then change it anyway you want online.  I believe the now allow you to top up the accounts online with a non italian credit card.  You should be able to get the vodafone Smartpass card in the vodafone store with your codice fiscale number.

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