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HELPP !!! URGENT !!!!!

I need to talk with someone who can help me, people working in TOBI are not helpfull. I  moved from italy 4 months ago and i closed my accounts . I have sent raccamondata for closure and asked personally to the employee working in the store to close all my subscriptions. But vodafone is still charging me  and assingning me offers which i have not asked for.  I need immediate assistant.  I need a number for international calls or an e mail adress where i can explain myself properly.  AS I SAID TOBI NOR THE PEOPLE WHOM TOBI ASSINGED ARE  NOT HELPFULL.

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Hi and welcome.
To talk with the customer care, you can contact it by Twitter or FB using links at the bottom of this page.

E' vero che i soldi non fanno la felicità, ma in limousine si piange meglio!
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