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Problem with pay

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Hello last my holiday in Italy I buy simcard vodafone. I am from czech republic and not possible pay vodafone with my czech pay card. Please help me. Thanks.

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Hi and welcome. 

Do you have a prepayed card or a real credit card? It possible that the italian sim can’t recharge with a prepayed.

Can you recharge with home banking?

Have you contacted customer care by Twitter or Facebook?


E' vero che i soldi non fanno la felicità, ma in limousine si piange meglio!
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My credit card is debitcard. I also try pay with PAYPAL and also not possible. (still some warning-image). And my sim card is "RICARICABILE". Not possible pay with bank number, because i dont have number. Ok i try support.Screenshot_20190423-101621_My Vodafone.jpg

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