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Paypal payment failed

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I recharged my phone with PayPal. Vodafone created an automated payment (I could recharge my phone without typing PayPal credentials).

I disabled automated payment in PayPal account as I want to confirm each payment with PayPal password. Now when I try to recharge my phone I get an error

Screenshot from 2020-07-05 00-37-53.pngScreenshot from 2020-07-05 00-37-59.png


Of course  I can't active Vodafone payments in PayPal system. Vodafone system should ask me for a PayPal password when I try to make a payment. But I receive an error. 

My phone number is xxx


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Hi and welcome!

Unfortunately, this forum is not a service of customer care. You have to contact Vodafone by Twitter or Facebook using links at the bottom of this page. 

E' vero che i soldi non fanno la felicità, ma in limousine si piange meglio!
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